Watch 16 Minutes Of Shadow Of War Gameplay

The critically acclaimed Shadow Of Mordor’s upcoming sequel was recently leaked via a mistake on Targets website. This prompted the games cinematic trailer as a response from Monolith Studios, with the promise of gameplay being shown on the 8th of March. Keeping their word today they released 16 minutes of alpha gameplay from the upcoming RPG. The video boasts that game will have a more detailed and expansive look on Mordor, as well as adding in features such as armour customisation that were sorely missed in the first game. But the pinnacle of the trailer is the return of the award-winning nemesis system which has been impressively upgraded so that you can now create unique and personal tales of loyalty, revenge and friendship throughout you’re own army as well as you’re enemies. Considering the footage is from an alpha the gameplay looks very smooth as you can witness Talion go on brutal Orc murder sprees, as well as seeing the fluidity between being able to use both Talion’s and Celebrimbor’s abilities to devastating effect. Lastly the nemesis system looks set to really expand and build upon what made the first game so special and that leaves a good sense of anticipation for August the 22nd when the full game is due to release.

Watch the Full 16 Minutes of Gameplay here:


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